clinical practice

Cardiac imaging


  • Clinical lead for echocardiography (scanning the heart with ultrasound) in regional cardiac centre
  • Transthoracic (i.e. with ultrasound probe placed on the chest) and transoesophageal (ultrasound probe attached to a ‘magic-eye’ instrument) echocardiography
  • Stress echo (taking ultrasound pictures while the heart is made to pump faster and more forcefully either with an infusion of drugs or with physical exercise)
  • Intraoperative echo (during cardiac operations)
  • Competent in advanced echo techniques (3D, speckle-tracking, strain imaging)
  • Cardiac MRI, level 2 accredited

Coronary angiography and intervention

  • On the emergency primary PCI (heart attack treatment) 1:8 on-call rota
  • Radial operator (i.e. the tubes through which dye is injected and procedures are performed are inserted from the wrist, rather than the groin, so patients can mobilise immediately and go home safely 4h after the procedure)
  • Left main stem and bifurcation work undertaken




  • Provision of expert reports

  • Availability as expert witness